Health Care

Blood Donation Camp

NIHMT has a great care towards its students, especially those who are hostelites as because the institute is their home and we are their care takers. We arrange time to time health checkup activity for our students.

We also remain prepared for emergency treatment, if needed at any time.

NIHMT is a youthful vibrant and colourful campus. With exceptionally well appointed student housing, manicured lawns, playgrounds, gymnasiums and restaurants, the campus is agog with student life and activity. Student housing is secure and well supervised. Designated study areas, air conditioned class rooms and small group discussion areas add value to learning. The presence of students and postgraduates across the health care spectrum enhances the interdisciplinary educational experience. Exchange students from top universities around the world provide an international flavour to student life. Beside class, social events, annual cultural, weekly health chekup, blood donation camp, literary, fine art events and sports fill the calendar. The campus is designed to ensure that students find a safe aesthetically pleasing environment to pursue their chosen careers with maximum support.